Torr Mor

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The area of Knapdale is hilly and it is always worthwhile to climb a 'peak' as the view is quite stunning no matter which peak you decide to climb.

A local favorite is Torr Mohr in the village, it gives you splendid views of Tayvallich, the Sound of Jura and north towards Crinan. You can occasionally get an eye to eye experience with a low flying jet fighter or buzzard.

How to get there :-

From Tayvallich you take the road signposted for Carsaig. A small hill to start with, Follow the road till you come to a row of cottages and a fork in the road. Take the right hand graveled road that takes you between the cottages (an old converted farm). Follow the track up the hill and past the stone cottage on the left, you will come to a wooden house on your left and a metal gate on your right.  Through the gate follow the track up the hill, remember this is a farmers field, keep dogs under control and shut the gates.  The track takes you through another gate past the local water reservoir, from here it is quite heavy climbing and it can be quite slippery in or just after wet weather.

Take a picnic and enjoy a well earned rest at the top while enjoying the view.

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