Tayvallich Primary School

At the turn of the century there were three schools in the district; one was part of the Free Church at Carsaig, one was at Auchentenavil, and the third was at Ulva. From Tayvallich the children of Free Church families went to Carsaig and the others to Auchentenavil.

It is said that there were many battles between the two factions when they met coming out of school. Ulva school was closed in the 1920’s, and since the Free Church school was demolished along with the church itself, Auchentenavil is the only school for the neighbourhood. Today the village school is thriving and children of primary school age attend from the whole peninsula.

The school roll is currently just over twenty. In 2000 a Pre-School was established and meets in the Hall on Monday and Friday mornings. Older children attend Lochgilphead High School.

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