Fishing in the vicinity of Tayvallich

With water quite a feature in Mid Argyll; either sea, river, loch or rain, there are many good venues for the opportunist fisherman. There are many freshwater lochs within a short distance of Tayvallich, which offer good opportunities for the brown trout fisherman. Barnluasgan, Linne and Coille Bharr (Grid Ref. 790910) are within 5 miles of Tayvallich and all have boats available for fishermen with a permit. These are typical forest / hill lochs with a good stock of natural brown trout, but it needs a good patient fisherman to coax them to the boat. These lochs are run by the local Lochgilphead angling club and visitor permits for these lochs may be obtained – at very reasonable rates (Tel: 01546-850210) at nearby Gartnagrenach. (Grid Ref. 790905) Please note that all angling club waters are fly only.


There are many hill lochs above nearby Cairnbaan starting with Daill Loch (Grid Ref. 815897), pictured above. Permits for these lochs can be obtained from Archie MacGilp, Fyne Tackle, 22 Argyll Street, Lochgilphead (Tel:01546-606878). Unfortunately there are no boats available for visitors on these lochs, but the scenery is beautiful whilst walking between lochs and it makes a great day out.


The above lochs also form part of the reservoir system for the supply of water to the Crinan Canal. Fishing in the canal requires no permit and any method may be used.

On the other side of the canal flows the River Add which has runs of salmon and sea trout. Permits available from, Archie MacGilp, Fyne Tackle, Lochgilphead.

The River Add


Sea fishing can be varied in this area but if you have a boat and can venture into The Sound of Jura there is always something there. Saithe, Lythe, Codlings, and Pollack can all be caught quite freely around the coastline. Late May to October brings the mackerel in good numbers and they find their way up as far as Tayvallich Bay in late July: Great fun for young fishermen.


A shoal of Mackerel

Reports of Skate, Flatfish, Spur Dog are more common in the slacker waters off Crinan – but try anywhere – you never know your luck!

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