The statistics displayed on the graphs in the following pages were collected by two residents, as part of their Millennium poster project. A few posters, which include a map of the area, a photo montage, and other interesting items are still available in the village shop for purchase as a souvenir

Employment of the population

The working population of Tayvallich in 1999 had to look further afield than their ancestors for employment. Farming, Forestry and Fishing still account for approximately 20% of the working population, however most people travel to Lochgilphead or further to find work. Argyll and Bute Council employ the largest percentage of our population (22%) with the Health Board, the hospitality industry and retail making up the other main areas for employment

There are a number of caravans in Tayvallich, mainly on two sites, Carsaig Caravan site and Leachive. (Details of all sites can be found under the Accommodation section of this website.)

One caravan is residential, more than fifty are holiday vans, and a few are available for letting

The pattern of land use has not changed much over the past seventy years. Until then much of the land North of Carsaig was farmland, but is now afforested. There has been much consolidation of the farms in the area over the years so that there are now only six or seven farms in the entire area. A significant landowner nowadays is Scottish Natural Heritage who manage Taynish Nature Reserve.

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